When Purple Heart-winning Air Force reservist Tamika Smith crashes—quite literally—into anarchist Obaid bin Latif in a plane bombing over Omaha, her life is once again set on a course that will test her service to her country. Against a backdrop of political gridlock, fake news, haves vs have nots, racial tensions and more, she and a newly formed coalition of national leaders will publicly resist the divisive forces using fear and chaos to tear America apart from within. As the anarchist’s attacks escalate and he targets Tamika for a final “date with destiny,” she must ask, what of ourselves and our nation are we willing to compromise, to sacrifice—and what are we not?


Air Force reservist, one-time Olympic hopeful sprinter, rape survivor, Purple Heart winner—damaged hero Tamika Smith is nothing if not a fighter. When a series of devastating domestic terrorism attacks pits her against an anarchist, she must summon the courage and public leadership to be a light to a nation that is destroying itself from within. With themes of love, commitment, forgiveness and redemption—and a call to renewed civic, business, and nonprofit collaboration—readers are asked, what does it mean to serve one’s country today—and what drives our nation further into chaos?


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