How We’re Unique

Expert Brand Consulting and Publishing Consultant Testimonials - Unique TulipHeLT Consulting + Services, Inc. is a Chicago branding firm and marketing services provider that is not only STRATEGIC in our brand development for you, we also get TACTICAL.  As consultants,  we guide you through a methodical, proven 5-step branding process to define your brand vision and position and craft strong brand identities.  The “+ Services” in our name means that we also show you, hands-on, what to do with your branding and the customer insight you gain from our process.  Unlike most creative houses, research firms, and branding companies, we will roll up our sleeves and execute on-brand marketing projects, writing projects, awareness-building campaigns, and tactical marketing initiatives for you.  Our ability to “walk the talk” when it comes to great, on-brand marketing makes us a unique branding specialist.

We are:

We are passionate about what we do and gifted at directing energy to the growth areas of your business.

“HeLT,” the initials of our founder, means “fully, completely, comprehensive” in Norwegian. It represents our goal to combine excellence in strategic brand consulting with the tactical side of marketing. We walk our talk by including at least one on-brand marketing project for you in every branding package.

We go that extra mile to give you the personal attention, speed, and detailed follow-through you deserve from a specialty firm.

If our programs aren’t delivering for you, we’ll renegotiate your contract.

Our C.O.R.E.E. Brand Approach
We Get Tactical
HeLT in the News

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