HeLT Consulting + Services, Inc. is a high-touch, boutique Chicago branding firm that provides businesses and organizations with brand creation, rebranding, market research, platform building campaigns and marketing. We specialize in serving small and mid-size businesses, non-profits, publishers and media, and select  authors—but we can brand any property.

Branding, Market Research and Marketing Services - Markets w Thumb Tack As a brand specialist, we are unique in that we are not only STRATEGIC in our brand development, we also get TACTICAL: we show what to do with your new branding, research, and communication platforms by executing on-brand marketing campaigns and growth initiatives for you.

We offer excellence in:

We also provide niche services for the Publishing Industry, for Authors/Thought Leaders, and for Small Businesses.

HeLT believes that in business “what you focus on grows.”  Let HeLT help you focus on the right things for your clients and customers—and take your business to the next level of growth.

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