How We Build Your Brand

Brand-building is the work of growing strong, focused brands. It is the actions of your organization that build, support, and invite customers/clients into a meaningful experience of your company or branded product based on specific competitive brand values (e.g. innovation, speed, fun, safety, convenience, luxury, etc.). Brand-building occurs through the intentional consideration of these brand values when employees make daily on-the-job decisions.

Brand-Building of HeLT Chicago Branding CompanyOff-brand decisions are ones that will not deliver to your customers/clients a greater experience of your competitive values than others in your market; these decisions will muddy and weaken your brand.  On-brand decisions are ones that deliver on the promise to customers/clients of your brand values and will strengthen and focus your brand—propelling marketplace perceptions of your company or product toward an ideal preception: your brand vision.

We Provide Great Branding and Brand Positioning

Branding and brand positioning is the strategic work of determining what your ideal brand vision should be. It gives your team the direction, clarity, and tools they need to brand-build. This work is also known as strategic brand development.

HeLT assists clients with excellence in both brand positioning and brand-building.   As your brand specialist, we use our proprietary C.O.R.E.E. Brand Positioning process and other tools to guide you to your ideal brand vision, and then show teach you great build-building through our tactical on-brand marketing techniques.

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