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Brand marketing services, awareness campaigns and platform building for companies, authors, publishers and small business - keyboard & mouseAt HeLT we provide exceptional marketing services to reach your current and potential customers/clients in ways that increase their experience of your brand and your unique competitive advantage. Our brand savvy allows us to quickly learn your business, hone in on your product’s or service’s key benefits and your brand voice, marry this to an audience mindset, and convey a meaningful message to your target. We provide our marketing services because of our fundamental commitment to be not only your strategic brand solution but also to be hands-on tactical. We model for you what to do with your branding and customer insight. All our branding and market research packages include the execution of at least one tactical marketing piece or campaign to support you.  We also provide these tactical interations separately, as needed, for select clients.

Every client is unique, so we choose the tactical iterations that are right for you.

A Partial List of On-Brand Marketing Services We’ve Executed:

  • Refinement of client’s value proposition & core messaging
  • Aligning websites with client’s brand vision and improving online presence & SEO
  • Comprehensive content marketing
  • Thought leadership building with on-brand content generation—such as blogs, articles, books, etc.
  • On-brand videos—such as brand, sales, fundraising, and book teaser videos
  • On-brand e-newsletters and email blasts & campaigns
  • On-brand brochures, mailings, hand-outs, and sales collateral
  • Webinars—planning, promotion & follow-up
  • Case studies
  • White papers
  • Short e-Books (free offerings for marketing purposes and to build a client’s email list)
  • On-brand blog—creation and management
  • On-brand Twitter—creation and management
  • On-brand LinkedIn profile and usage
  • On-brand Facebook profile and usage
  • Interviews of past, current, and prospective customers/clients for pre-sale, post-sale & market intelligence
  • Development of improved sales pipeline strategies and sales pitches
  • Collection of endorsements
  • Press releases & PR recommendations
  • Comprehensive speaking strategy for thought leaders/authors
  • Speakers packet
  • Securing speaking engagements
  • Proactive networking campaigns to connect a thought leader/author with like-minded leaders in target markets
  • Developing book concepts, publishing proposals, and networking with top agents and publishers (to get a book published)
  • Writing and producing on-brand book discussion guides & workbooks (corresponding to a published product)
  • On-brand writing and ghostwriting services
  • Roadmap to guide a client’s transition from old to new image over the next  1 – 3 years

Not seeing something on our list?  We welcome the challenge to create with you a unique project.

Executing tactical marketing iterations is where HeLT really shines and you, the client, begin to live the benefits of great branding.  If you don’t have the expertise, time, or manpower inhouse, let HeLT get your on-brand marketing done for you.

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