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HeLT Consulting + Services, Inc. has extensive expertise serving authors and thought leaders who seek a more active role in marketing their ideas and works and are ready to take their career to the next level. With our 20 years of experience in the publishing industry—working both within publishers and without, in editorial, marketing and media relations—we know how to build your platform; increase awareness of your publications, speeches, and offerings; and grow a loyal following.

Specifically, we can help you to:

  • Differentiate yourself within the crowded marketplace of ideas (define your brand values).
  • Refine your brand persona, along with DOs and DON’Ts for self-marketing.
  • Build your communication platforms—considering what is right for you in both traditional and social media—and teach you how to maximize these or, in select cases, we will execute the services for you.
  • Increase awareness of your web properties through e-marketing & better SEO (Search Enginge Optimization).
  • Execute marketing and growth initiatives (e.g. creating your on-brand speakers packet, blog, white paper, webinar, or discussion guide; rebranding your website; building your email list of followers, etc.).
  • And, we do this in ways that are focused, teachable, repeatable, and cost-effective.
Author signing - Publishing consultant & marketing services for authors

Author and HeLT client Jeremy Langford signs his book for a fan at an L.A. convention.

Unlike other branding firms, we get tactical. Due to our deep knowledge of publishing and platform building, we do more than just consult. For select authors we will take as proactive a role as you need in managing your brand and promotion—in compliment to your publisher’s contributions. We also can connect you with the best book publicists in the industry within the business, leadership, self-help, and religion/spirituality categories, and will work with them to insure your publicity is on-brand and in step with your long-term goals.  And, we safeguard your author brand from being co-opted by a publisher or single publication, so your brand equity and readership follows you book-to-book throughout your writing career.

We have worked with such authors as NEW YORK TIMES bestseller Joseph F. Girzone; category bestsellers Ambassador Gregory W. Slayton, Terry Hershey, and Mark Thibodeaux; and corporate America’s leading knowledge transfer expert Steve Trautman.

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