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A brand is not a sales slogan or an ad campaign. It is not the domain of marketing or publicity teams. And, it’s not something to think about when sales are down or when you get around to it. A brand is the sum total of all the perceptions, beliefs, associations, assumptions, and judgments about your company or products held by the marketplace. It drives customer selection and loyalty. All your actions and employees affect your brand. If you are not proactively managing your company’s brand(s), at best, your decisions are passively branding yourself without clarity or direction—and at worst, your competitors are branding you.

HeLT offers you:

Branding / Rebranding Packages Streamlined/Quick Branding (Small Businesses)
1-Day & 2-Day Brand Tune-Up Brand Architecture (Managing Multiple Brands)
Our C.O.R.E.E. Brand Approach On-Brand Marketing Projects & Campaigns

HeLT is passionate about branding. We help companies clarify and strategically build their brands. HeLT has more than a decade of experience in brand positioning and management and our 5-step C.O.R.E.E. Brand Positioning process is a proven approach to crafting a brand vision that will internally unite teams and externally excite customers around a compelling value proposition.

A strong, focused brand will:

  • Increase your company and product/service visibility
  • Differentiate your product or service and improve the customer’s ability to select you
  • Grow customer loyalty and brand advocacy
  • Enhance perceptions of quality
  • Align your company and product/service with core favorable values
  • Build shared purposed within your organization
  • Create a unique competitive advantage—a brand is a company-to-customer relationship that can never be commoditized or copied.

As a specialized firm who wants to be your complete brand solution, we provide many services that graphic design companies, creative houses, or market reaserch firms do not. We’re not only strategic—we’ll also roll up our sleeves and execute on-brand campaigns for you.

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