Streamlined/Small Business Branding


Branding Package
+ 1 Marketing Campaign

This condensed, cost-conscious version of our standard branding package is designed specifically to meet the needs of small businesses (e.g. 10 employees or less). It helps a small business to cultivate a brand for their company or major product — or to rebrand for their next level of growth.

This streamlined package includes the same proven, 5-step C.O.R.E.E. Brand Positioning process we use in our standard branding packages. However, this streamlined package bypasses the quantitative market research of our standard package in favor of more focused qualitative customer interviews and excludes some of the more in-depth brand development exercises. Brand development exercises, the internal team launch, and some messaging/marketing deliverables. It is recommended companies know their target customer well and will have  just 1 - 2 executives making most brand decisions with HeLT.  A typical project works primarily with the company’s leader(s) for 3 - 4 months.


green-dashDefines your brand. brand values, and brand identity

green-dashImproves potential customers' ability to find and select you

green-dashDefines your value proposition to support sales

green-dashEases your entry into new markets

green-dashShows you how to use your brand to improve marketing 

green-dashIncrease your visibility among target customers/clients

green-dashTrains and aligns your team

5 - 6 Customer/clients research interviews —
You gain qualitative insight into current and potential customers’ perceptions of your company or product/service to inform the branding process.

Brand Development —
We guide you through our proprietary C.O.R.E.E. Brand Positioning process (recommended 2 days on-site) to clarify your competitive advantage and differentiation, define your brand values and brand vision, and help you develop any needed logos or taglines. We also make other on-brand marketing and sales recommendations where needed.

We write “anchor” marketing messaging, including core value proposition, key sales phrases and evidence, product/service descriptions, and more—which can be easily adapted to fit the context of different marketing pieces, platforms, or mediums (such as a website).  We also bridge strategy and implementation by writing for you a high level marketing plan.

We model what to do with your new/re-envisioned brand by executing for you 1 on-brand marketing piece or project.

Estimated Pricing: $9,000 | Contact us today to learn more.

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