Branding / Rebranding

PORTFOLIO PDF: Branding-Rebranding of a Company or Product - Franciscan Media 2010 - 2011 project

FRANCISCAN MEDIA 2010 – 2011:  View the Before-&-After Portfolio PDF      

THE BRAND CHALLENGE: To revitalize a 118-year-old mature brand by defining a more relevant, more differentiated company/master brand; to streamline the company’s complex brand architecture of subbrands, and to rebrand in a way that attracts new and younger customers.  view

“In 2010–11 we hired HeLT to guide us through a company rebranding effort and help us improve the management of our subbrands. We ended up shifting our company brand identity to focus firmly on our roots as a Franciscan media organization and to leverage the very strong brand equity that surrounds St. Francis and the Franciscan name—an untapped resource that HeLT brought to light through research. Since then, we’ve heard overwhelmingly positive feedback from our customers and stakeholders about the brand change and seen observable effects in many areas of our business.”  more  —Thomas A. Shumate, C.O.O. of Franciscan Media

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