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company branding and rebranding - brand specialist - green brand word small squareCompany Branding Package

Our flagship branding package will comprehensively address your brand development and on-brand marketing needs.  This package is recommended for businesses or organizations who need to cultivate a brand for a company or key product—or to rebrand for the next level of growth.  It features our proven C.O.R.E.E. Brand Positioning process.  A typical project will engage a brand team made of your company leaders to inform the market research and strategic decision making phases, and then will assimilate your employees—department by department—to the new brand vision through guided exercises, concluding with dedicated work with your marketing director/manager during the external launch of your new brand and messaging.  Typically a 4 – 6 month project.

Benefits: defines your brand values and identity; aligns your team; increases visibility among target customers; provides competitive insight; improves potential customers’ ability to find and select you; eases entry into new markets; refines your value proposition; and results in strategic decisions that are customer-informed and actionable.  As a bonus, this package’s market research typically benefits other areas of your business as well.

MARKET RESEARCH—you gain statistically-sound insight into current and potential customers’ needs, desires, and perceptions of your company or product/service.
BRAND DEVELOPMENT—we guide you through our 5-step proprietary C.O.R.E.E. Brand Positioning to clarify your competitive advantage and how you will strategically differentiate yourself in the marketplace, define your brand values and brand vision, and develop any needed logos, tag lines, and more.
BRAND ARCHITECTURE & STRATEGY—we detail a strategy and hierarchy to manage your brands, subbrands, products, and services for maximum visibility and upselling.
MESSAGING & MARKETING PLAN—we write “anchor” marketing messaging, including such things as a core value proposition, key sales phrases and evidence, product/service descriptions, and more—which can be easily adapted to fit the context of different marketing pieces, platforms, or mediums.  We also bridge strategy and implementation by writing a robust marketing plan.
INTERNAL BRAND LAUNCH—we help you launch your new/re-envisioned brand to your team, subcontractors, and the partners who support you.  Includes exercises that result in actionable brand-building activities per team or department.
MARKETING IMPLEMENATION (EXTERNAL LAUNCH)we model what to do with your new brand by executing for you an initial on-brand marketing piece(s) or campaign(s).

Pricing: Costs vary according to size, complexity, and the depth of research.  A typical range for HeLT fees is $15,000 – $30,000. Contact us to learn more.

Streamlined / Small Business Branding
See our condensed, cost-conscious small business branding packages.

Custom Branding
Are your needs specialized and unique?  We love a challenge. Contact us to design you a branding project of customized solutions.

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