More About C.O.R.E.E.

The result of our C.O.R.E.E. Brand Positioning process gives you:

  • A distilled set of core brand values—usually 1 – 3 attributes desired by your target customer that you are capable of delivering and “owning” in the marketplace
  • Refinement of your unique competitive advantage—what makes your branded property truly desirable
  • Understanding of what your brand is NOT and the elasticity/boundaries of your brand personality
  • How to best structure your brands and subbrands (brand architecture) so they cross-pollenate and ease your prospective customers/clients ability to understand and select you
  • Creative brief and guidance for the designer of any new or refreshed brand identities/logos (as needed)
  • Recommendations for tactical brand-building and improved marketing & sales

Sometimes a client will find answering the questions of our C.O.R.E.E. Brand Positioning process challenging, because the client has not been actively listening to their customers/clients and doesn’t know much in specific about their customers’ perceptions and needs. This is why HeLT will also execute for you actionable market research to inform your responses and reduce the risk of guesswork. The research findings are valuable to other parts of your business as well and typically pay off in many ways.

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