Thought Leader & Book Marketing

Thought Leader & Book MarketingPAUL SHOEMAKER 2014 – 2015

THE BRAND & MARKETING CHALLENGE: to define a clear and unique thought leader brand that would extend beyond Paul’s first book, to write a stellar book proposal and secure a publisher in a tight timeframe, and to provide comprehensive book marketing consulting and a marketing plan.  view

I worked with Heidi at HeLT to help get my first book, Can’t Not Do: The Compelling Social Drive that Changes Our World, published. I could not have done it without her, plain and simple. Further, there are few people I’ve worked with in my career that were more dedicated, insightful, smart pros than Heidi. I can’t imagine anyone better to work with on personal branding and book publishing. Unequivocal recommendation and if you wanna know more, feel free to contact me. THANKS, HEIDI!
—Paul Shoemaker, Founding President of Social Venture Partners International, author of Can’t Not Do, and a global thought leader on how individuals can be the most effective philanthropists

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