HeLT Celebrates 5 Years!

HeLT brand consulting's redesigned homepage - Jan 2013HeLT Consulting + Services, Inc., your friendly Chicago branding firm, celebrates its five-year anniversary this January 2013 with a new look, updated website, and the addition of a new member to our team.

Our redesigned website, courtesy of Megan Coleman Designs, was launched not only to put our best face forward, but also to give visitors a greater understanding of the benefits of branding and why HeLT cares about your brand so gosh darn much.

You may also notice we are sporting a refreshed brand identity.  Our new logo, courtesy of Sandra Mars Design, reflects a boutique business grounded in tradition—with a touch of informality and fun.  You can learn more about our company name and unique values here.

HeLT Consulting and Services, Inc., Chicago branding consultants, brand identity with taglineYou might ask: why did HeLT go out-of-house for the redesign their own logo?  HeLT’s core focus is the strategic development of strong brands and tactical brand-building services. Our proprietary 5-step C.O.R.E.E. brand positioning process helps clients understand what their brand vision and image should be.  At a certain stage in our process, if needed, we partner with our clients’ preferred design house or we recommend designers like Sandra Mars to implement our creative briefs and turn the work of our branding process into stunning logo designs. Afterwards, we get tactical by helping you build your brand strength hands-on.  Learn more about our execution of on-brand marketing projects and campaigns here.

In 2013 we also welcome Jacquelyn Flaherty Peters to a larger role on our team. Over the past year, Jacquelyn has been providing market research transcription and will now take on a greater role in our administrative services.

Lastly, I myself am grateful for a half decade of your business and support—and look forward to making the next five years even more exciting.

Give me a call or send an email to let me know what you think, and what the new year holds for you.

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